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Saavvii plugin for Microsoft Word

Too Complicated?

Tell software what you want to do... In your own way...In your own words... Saavvii is the natural language plug-in that makes Microsoft Word™ easier to use.

What Do You Need?

All you need is Microsoft Word 2000 or higher installed on a Windows operating system. Download Natural Word and run the setup. Natural Word seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word - simply run Word and press the command button (you decide what is convenient for you), and type in what you want.


Tell Microsoft Word What You Want, How You Want

No more hunting through menus and toolbars. No more memorization of cryptic symbols and menus. With Natural Word, simply type in what you want, in your own words! Save time, frustration, your train of thought. No need to take your hands off the keyboard - type in 'blue' or 'orange' to change the color, 'times' or 'arial' to change the font.

Easy To Use - No Command Memorization

No more complex command syntax or cryptic parameter lists to memorize - Natural Word, based on KES approach, understands your words! We've taken the time to undertsand how you would express yourself by interviewing users just like you. For instance, to underline text, you can type 'underline', 'make the text underlined', 'draw a line under the text', and many, many other common ways.

FREE for Home Use

Natural Word is absolutley free for home use (nominal charge for business use). You can download a trial version and give it a good long try before buying.