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Making Machines Human Friendly

The Idea

Imagine programming without extensive training and no manuals to read, writing programs as if you were having a conversation with a person.


With KES, this dream is now a reality. A fully extensible expert programming system, KES will write programs for you based on you requirements written in English sentences! If you are tired of having to remember cryptic APIs. having to think like a computer, having to specify every little detail.

Increased Productivity

Finally, for those of your, who you are simply looking for something that will increase you productivity by an order of magnitude, see what KES can do for you.


Samples of Use:

There is a list of the programs that have already been developed and are successfully used using KES and a Java Rule Set. For more details about the existing programs and applications please click here.


Knowledge Encapsulation System idea has been recently developed in cooperation with SE Ranking and growing trends for voice control of applications and Search Engines such as Google.

Saavvii for Microsoft Word

Saavvii lets you tell Word what you want do, in your own words. It acts as a personal translator, translating your wishes into Word commands. Saavvii is the natural language plug-in that makes Microsoft Word™ easier to use.

Why Software Theories

Have you ever wished you could just use your own words to tell an application what you want it to do?

Tired of hunting confusing menu bars and toolbars for options you know are there, but just can't remember where? With our Natural Interface technology, just type what you want using your own words!